From My Home To Yours


Hey Everyone! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to H.U.G. Fitness. With worldwide gym closures, I wanted a safe place for my fit family to connect and stay strong. H.U.G. Fitness members have access to weekly free full length fitness videos on my YouTube Channel. If you want to get strong, lose weight, feel confident, and connect with others, join the HUGFIT Club TODAY! All you need to do is subscribe to my channel, give it your all during the workouts, and send me a like and/or comment, so I know what you all want in upcoming workouts.

I am extremely passionate about fitness, and I have over 20 years experience in the industry. I’m a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and weight trainer. I specialize in HIIT style workouts, but I post a variety of class styles every week. My blog is focused on overall wellness: exercise, stress reduction, midlife weight struggles, and more.

I’m bringing all my workouts from my home to yours! Stay Safe & Stay Strong Friends!

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